Managing a caregiver can be really hard. We understand. 

With 90% of baby boomers wanting to age in home rather than a nursing home, in-home caregivers are more important then ever. Managing care for your elderly family member isn't easy though. Coordination of care, medications, appointments, schedules and general care can be a lot to take care of when you have your own responsibilities. Still you want the best life and care for your elderly family member and that is why we have created Pauline. 



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Our Solution.

We provide families with software to manage and coordinate care for their elderly family member.



Know what's going on at home with your elderly family member even when you're not there. Anytime, anyplace. 



Set tasks and appointments so everyone is on the same page even when your family doesn't live in the same place.



When you are paying for in-home care, it can be expensive. We want to make sure you get the best care for your money.  

How it works.

We provide families with a web dashboard where they can communicate, coordinate and monitor information that goes into a caregivers phone app. Caregivers use the phone app to administer consistent quality care to elderly clients while keeping families informed into what is going on at all times.   


Features & Benefits of the Pauline platform



want to know what is going on with their elder family member's care. 


  • So caregivers can see exactly what they need to do throughout the day. 
  • Never have a caregiver get confused about what medication to administer again. 

  • With everyone on the same page you save time and a headache.

  • Know when caregivers clock in and clock out as well as where they do it so they don't clock in before they get to a clients house. 


  • Create careplans that include tasks, instructions and notifications. 
  • Manage medications, add instructions and know when it time for refills. 

  • Create caregiver schedules as well as coordinate shifts to keep everyone on the same page. 

  • Track caregivers hours. 



have a tough job. The biggest problem for caregivers is burnout making it hard to deliver high quality care. We are changing that. 


  • This takes the guesswork out of what the family expects from them. 

  • Prevents medication errors and mis-dosing.            

  • This prevents confusion and keeps directives organized.  

  • Go digital so you don't have to lug around paper binders or scribble in notes when careplans change.


  • Caregivers can see exactly what they need to do throughout the day. 
  • See what medications need to be taken and when. 

  • Caregivers who see multiple clients can switch between clients with ease.  

  • Keep track of hours and schedules in one place. 

Our pilot program is now open. To download our app click below.